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Dobel Coklat Pastry: Five Star Taste and Cheaper Than Other



For every occasion, especially when we are making a party, there is always a chocolate cake, regular one or special decorated. Sometimes in a big ceremonial party such as wedding in our society, nowadays they rent fake cake decoration. What is a fake cake? It is like a dummy cake for wedding party or other occasion that can be hired from cake shop. And one of that kind of cake shop, found Dobel Coklat Pastry in Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya No.25, Pangkalan Jati Jakarta Timur.

This cake shop apparently only provides various kind of cake made with chocolate. Yes, chocolate cake. The Dobel Coklat just serves choco made cake, not only cup cake or simple decorated cake, but also wedding cake by special order. For your children birthday party, you can order photo cake or funny cartoon character cup cake. For a Character Cup Cake, you just pay Rp.15.000,- per item. Don't worry about the kind of character, you can order as many characters as you want. They are funny and make your children happy with their special cake birthday party.

If you need a special cake decoration, you can ask Mr. Muhidin, the owner of Dobel Coklat Pastry. For instance, the Barbie Cake you just pay Rp. 350.000,-. This beautiful cake is perfect for your daughter birthday party.

For chocolate lover, you can find the Chocolate Truffle, the most attractive and delicious cake as seem on the showcase of chocolate cake in the store. We also can order another kind of chocolate cake, such as Dobel Coklat Cake. It's price Rp.135.000,- for diameter 20cm and Rp.170.000,- for diameter 24cm. Hmmmmm, it looks yummy and sweet... I believe, just seeing this cake we all can become chocolate lover.

If you are a sweet teeth, you can try the Opera Cake or Oreo Cheese. And so many other chocolate cake I will recommend to you, but the most important is, these all delicious and sweet chocolate cake are cheaper than the other cake shop. Don't forget, the owner of Dobel Coklat said that they just use the special imported chocolate base which semi bitter sweet chocolate. This chocolate is the most suit on Indonesian taste. That's why this cake shop recommended.

You want to make reservation or order the chocolate cake? Just call (021)9346.1965 or 081.385.386.583 and you can also visit the website,
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