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Burger & Grill: The Smart Choice for Rendezvous

Mau Ngeburger atau Nyetik,
Ya Cuma Burger & Grill lah Tongkrongannya!

I have wandered for several place in Kalimalang, and I found the nice and cozy place to visit. Yes, I saw it was used to be the Wong Solo the Ayam Bakar restaurant. I knew from the internet that the place of Ayam Bakar Wong Solo did not run well for some reason. And for subtitution, we can find the new resto and cafe for youngster. Burger & Grill Kalimalang, I call it, located in the corner of T-junction of Kalimalang and Durensawit. The same as the other Burger & Grill outlet, hte main menu is burger and steak (ya iya lah burger dan steak masak singkong dan keju?)

But the most interesting I found in this resto cafe was the hospitality and service for customer. I thought it was deserved the highest score for them. After they knew I was a blogger journalist, they still treated me like the customer, and they recommended the Marketing and Promo, Mr. Dwi to me. Well, as a journalist, I thought it was interesting for being served like other used to be.

From Dwi, I knew that this cafe resto has 9 outlets (branches). Four of them have other brand, Hot Planet, and the rest still have the Burger & Grill brand.
And for other place of Burger & Grill I try to collect some info and writes from other blogger. It's a piece of cake. Here we are the other story of this western cute resto.

Burger & Grill Gandaria Branch located in the corner in intersection between Jl. Gandaria Tengah III and Jl. Ahmad Dahlan. Main menu is burger and steak. But they have a slogan, We Grill Everything. So they don’t just sell burger and steak, but everything. From grilled soto (Indonesian style soup), grilled spaghetti, to grilled rib soup. But relax, you won’t find charcoaled soto because they only grill the meat, not entire soto.

I’ve tried their burger, steak, grilled soto, and rib soup. The burger is average, taste and price is considerable. The steak is fairly delicious too. But the special ones is their other grilled thing. Their rib soup is very delicious, with 2 big ribs, and only priced Rp. 34,500. If you don’t eat much, maybe it’s enough for 2 people.

Maybe the reason a lot of people come here every day is the atmosphere. Burger & Grill’s location in the corner of intersection make it cozy for hangout. There’s big screen facing street. In soccer event time, this place is always full of people watching soccer. Too bad I don’t like soccer.

Jl. Raya Kalimalang,
pertigaan Durensawit
Jakarta Timur

Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.1.
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Telepon, : 021-68679194
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