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Pecel Lele Lela The Resto Goes to President Palace

Jakarta -

When the first time I found this restaurant at Kalimalang Pondok Kelapa, I just knew this restaurant would be great someday. After a branding incident with Starbuck Coffee company couple years ago, Pecel Lele Lela (the cooking catfish)  arose and strike back again. That conflict ended up with Pecel Lele Lela is still able to use the circle green tape which similar to Starbuck Coffee until this year ends.

In spite of that, I was inspired the quote from the owner of this original Indonesian restaurant, "With Us, Pecel Lele Lela Goes Global". And I really love it. It sounds that this is the first Indonesian Restaurant going international. Frankly, I guess it's different from the famous Rumah Makan Padang (Padang Restaurant) which is earlier in going global.

Indonesia knows that Pecel Lele Lela is getting new level this year. After the First Lady, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono tasting the Pecel Lele Lela in the trading expo of Ministry of Marine Affair and Fishery, Pecel Lele Lela goes to President Palace (July, 20th).

"We are very proud when the president of RI allows us to serve all the guests of Palace with our cuisine,"  said by Rangga Umara, the owner and CEO of Pecel Lele Lela. "But the most important thing that this is the opening gate of Indonesia original cooking entering the international cuisine," he added proudly.

Well this is a big shot! What a success! But Rangga Umara utters, "This is not the matter of luck which most of businessmen hope", said the tutor of Entrepreneurship University. "Obviously, the luck is the meeting point of readiness and opportunity,"

From this young businessman who has run the restaurant for 3 years, we can take a lesson. "If the opportunity comes when we are ready for it, we can call it as a luck"  So be prepared for every shot we can have.

Nation's Product Ready To Go Global
Rangga Umara deserved for that success, and he keeps infecting and provoking other people to become smart and lucky businessman. I believe what he is trying to do will lift the image of national cooking in front of international cuisine.

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