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The HIV/AIDS CURE Has Been Invented In Asia

First HIV cure recorded - Timothy Ray Brown is totally cured

It's amazing how easily impossible thing are getting possible. Newest on such occurencies is the first total cure of a 45 year old Berlin patient afte being diagnosed with HIV in 1995. Details click after the jump to this link:

The Honey Herbs for Curing HIV/AIDS Is No More Expensive

Nowadays, the cure of HIV/AIDS is seemingly very expensive for many people to buy. They are not only unable to buy the medicine because of the unbelievable expensive price, but also they can't afford the long process of medication or curing therapy, even though the government having given aid to overcome the problem.

The aid from WHO (World Health Organization), such as the ARV, which are delivered free no charge for them whose got this deadly virus does not seems adequate anymore.

In Indonesia, all the positively infected patient of HIV are treated well, but unfortunately they are like a top of iceberg on the ocean who more like hopelessly patients going to die. Most of them don't feel confidence to have the appropriate cures and medications in state hospital that giving the ARV for free.

That's why the traffic of online transaction on trading of medical herb such as the innovation of Powerful Herbal Honey for curing the HIV/AIDS is going higher day to day.

As the innovator of Pamungkas Herbal Honey (the final destroyer of HIV), Mr. Sidik Kelana Rizal said the honey of his herbs medication for curing the AIDS is the mixture of some herbs such as habbatussauda (black seed) combined with olive oil and virgin coconut oil. This herbal mixture is apparently effective to kill the virus for good.

"While the herb is killing the retrovirus, the honey contained in this mixture regenerate the broken cells in the blood as well," Dik Rizal told to reporter at his herb therapist clinic in Bekasi, West Java.

That's why this herbal therapy, simultaneously is going to be OK with other medication treatment. For example you can take Vitamin C plus together with this herbal honey or otherwise, Dik Rizal explained more.

Most of our patients are out country, like from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also Australia. They order the honey herbs to be delivered to their place, uttered him.

Obviously, the online trading of this medical herbs that consisting of mixture of Kupang (Borneo) honey, Sumbawa honey, habbatussauda (black seed), olive oil and some other secret herbs become increasingly in demand.

Just pay US$ 1,000  the order of 3 kilograms of herbs honey will be delivered to the address in US and Europe country excluding the delivery cost via international Fedex. And for Asian countries the price is adjusted to rupiah exchange rate.

This medical herb is more effective kills the retrovirus and the HIV patient totally can be cured. Do you want to try this affordable medical herbs? Just make a call Mr Dik Rizal to +6281385386583 and give and delivery order via Western Union transfer.


Early symptoms of #HIV can be totally cured

HIV has lowest level of immunity or immune system of human body, boost it up with energy medicine.

HIV syndrome is the name for the early symptoms and sign of the deadly infection HIV.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is the virus that causes AIDS When a person is infected with HIV; He may feel no symptoms at all on his body in the early stage of the development of this deadly disease. The recently infected person does not feel any abnormal signify HIV at all. But gradually it begins to spread its tentacles. And the infected man is under the fully control of the virus.

One thing that must be kept in mind about this infection is, that its most symptoms in its early stage are similar to common cold flue or tonsillitis symptoms.The running of the nose, the vague bodily aches, cough and cold and headache are almost common signs and symptoms accompanying many diseases of day today life The onset of symptoms signals the transition from asymptomatic HIV infection to HIV disease. Primary HIV infection should be considered in any patient with possible HIV exposure who presents with fever of unknown cause. The flue like symptoms that develop early may be enumerated as under :

• Fever

• Running or flowing nose

• A tired feeling of exhaustion

• Vague bodily aches and pains.

• Swollen lymph nodes, lymphadenopathy

• Decreased appetite

Sore throat

• Joint soreness and pains.

• Diarrhea

• Rash

Diagnosis of AIDS

The diagnosis of aids is not very difficult. When a person infected width HIV virus suffering from long lasting chronic pneumonia, any lung trouble, recurring fever never ending allergic type symptoms constantly loosing weight or tuberculosis is diagnosed in the laboratory for his blood samples. Only than the virulence of AIDS is established and diagnosed. The aids patients have dangerously low CD4 lymphocytes. If CD4+ T cells count are less than 200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood than it is confirmed cases of AIDS .People who are not infected with HIV and generally are in good state of health have roughly normal count in the range 800 to 1,200 CD4+ T cells per cubic millimeter (mm3) of blood. In some people who have been suffering from AIDS and diagnosed with AIDS have been found having as low as 50 CD4+ T cells in their body.

The constantly changing bodily symptoms from one infection to another and one disease from another; even more serious than the previous one area also indicative of AIDS. Or Tuberculosis. Now it is has been by scientific researches and data that tuberculosis is precursor to aids.

Mode of action of HIV virus

It has been a mystery for long that how the deadly HIV virus causes aids how it raises its own army in the human body? Now it has been established by scientific studies that HIV destroys CD4 positive (CD4+) T cells, which are white blood cells. These are very cells that are crucial to maintaining the function of the human immune system and imparting immunity to human body against all kinds of viruses and bacteria. The main force of attack of HIV this cells. Now the person infected with the virus is less equipped to fight off infection and disease, ultimately resulting in the development of AIDS.HIV is RETROVIRUS. Retroviruses are class of viruses that contain RNA (ribonucleic acid) as their genetic material. After infecting a cell, HIV uses an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to convert its RNA into DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and then proceeds to replicate itself using the host’s machinery, Replication is the process of producing its own duplicate carbon copies . so after infection HIV multiplies its army at a rapid speed.

Homoeopathic cure

Can this bodily position of poisoning of HIV virus be reversed? The answer is in the affirmative .the main objective of homoeo treatment is strengthen of the human immune system to make it able to combat bacteria and viruses. Homoeopathic medicines do not kill bacteria or viruses’ .This augments the immunity of the body to ward of invading bacteria. Secondly homoeopathic system is holistic and symptomatic. By individualizing the case the appropriate medicine can be selected. To acute symptoms acute medicines are needed but to eradicate the underling tendency constitutional medicine has to be selected.

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